Anak Dara Hill

  • 1923 Mdpl
  • Rorong Goar
  • 2,5K
  • 5K
  • 761M
  • 2 Hours (One Way)

People say Mount Anak Dara is strange because there isn’t a single tree growing on its peak. The oddity is actually the main attraction for tourists to visit it.


Mount Anak Dara must be strange to your ears, especially for those of you who live outside the island of Lombok. Mount Anak Dara is starting to boom and has been visited by many people in June 2020 until now.


The view from the top of Mount Anak Dara is very good, in the form of a stretch of the Sembalun valley and Mount Rinjani. In the east, you can clearly see the Lombok Strait and the island of Sumbawa with Mount Tambora.


The peak of Mount Anak Dara is one of the seven peaks of Sembalun on the island of Lombok. Having a height of 1924 meters above sea level makes many people curious to conquer the peak.