Gedong Lembah

  • 2200 Mdpl
  • Bawah Pusuk
  • 3,5K
  • 7K
  • 749M
  • 3 Hours (One Way)

The eastern part of the island of Lombok is famous for its many hills because it has Mount Rinjani. The nearby hills are often visited and climbed by nature lovers, one of whom is the hill of the Gedong Valley.


Gedong Valley Hill is part of one of the highest hills of the 7 hills of Sembalun. The top of the Gedong Valley is at an elevation of 2100 metres above sea level and more than half the height of Mount Rinjani.


This hill is the target of climbers as above its peak there is a beautiful natural landscape of the Sembalun valley. Other than that, this is often an option for climbing when Rinjani is closed.