Mountain Rinjani

  • 3726 Mdpl
  • bawak Nao
  • 15,5K
  • 31K
  • 2792M
  • 10 Hours (One Way)

For those of you who like climbing on mountains with beautiful nature, then exploring Mount Rinjani is an activity that must be included in your adventure plans. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the experience you get because along the way exploring Mount Rinjani has amazing views.


Mount Rinjani is one of the peaks included in one of the Sembalun Seven Summits. Mount Rinjani has a height of 3726 meters above sea level. The beauty of the mountain makes it a tourist icon of Lombok and Indonesia.


As one of the conditions for obtaining a Seventh Summit certificate in Lombok, climbers must visit the summit of Mount Rinjani. Among all the peaks, Mount Rinjani is the heaviest terrain. Therefore, climbers must prepare physically and mentally.